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Green Energy Summit :: Plug Into a Clean Future :: Conference on Green Power, Green IT, Green Architecture, Green Fuels -- Saltmarch Media Summits

Going green is both a corporate advantage and an opportunity for humanity to enable change. Be seen, be heard and be noticed at Green Energy Summit, completely focused on what going green can do for you and your organisation. The summit will bring together the Industry, the Financiers, the Policy-makers, the Scientists, the Decision-makers, the Buyers and Sellers in a bid to develop and drive new initiatives, provide insights, showcase sustainable product development and green business opportunities, and facilitate interaction between entities from all over the world and India, in order to elicit practical applications that are most relevant for India at this juncture.

The four pillar of GES are Green Power, Green Fuels & Transport, Green Buildings and Green IT. Have a sustainable brand, product or service? Make your presence felt and attract attention that matters at GES. Get brownie points for your brand on customer touchpoints, CSR, branding and commitment towards a clean, green planet at this summit. Please join the mailing list for summit updates.

Green Power: featuring solar thermal, solar photovoltaics, wind, thermal energy, hydro, renewable heating, and clean coal among others
Green IT: featuring enterprise hardware and software technology vendors, data center vendors, semiconductor companies, virtualisation, consolidation, and storage vendors, green IT compliance vendors and consultants, equipment take back and disposal programs
Green Buildings: featuring integrated green communities, water and waster treatment, sustainable construction transport, energy-efficient insulation, rain water harvesting, fluid-applied membrane systems (for rooftop restoration), eco paints, materials recycling, energy audits and surveys, sound protection panels, low voltage electric radiant floors, open and closed loop geothermal heating/cooling systems, green illumination, smart buildings and controls among others
Green Fuels & Transport: featuring alternative fuels, biodiesel, ethanol, hybrids, green batteries, flex fuel vehicles and conversions, synfuels, solar assisted fuel synthesis, lightweight materials, mass transit among others
The renewable energy market in India is positioning itself as a major global player and offering the world's third most attractive national environment for investments. Attend GES to understand this market better, decipher the roadmap for policy-making, learn best practices and case studies.
  • Corporate CEOs and CFOs and Renewable
  • Energy Company Strategists
  • Project Developers
  • Renewable Energy Associations
  • CDM/JI Project Investors
  • Carbon Investors
  • Low Carbon Technology Companies
  • Green Semiconductor Companies
  • Data Centre Managers, Designers, Planners
  • Building Architects, Engineers
  • Building Contractors, Owners
  • Landscape Architects
  • Facility Managers
  • Energy Majors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • IT Managers
  • Commercial Bankers
  • Investment Bankers
  • Investors and Fund Managers
  • Private Equity Investors
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Law Firms
  • Specialist and Financial Consultants
  • Insurance Companies
  • Government and Regulatory Bodies
  • Non-Governmental Organisations
  • Environmental Organisations
  • Construction & Materials Companies
  • Power Company (gas, electric, water)
  • Energy Technology Innovators
  • Activists
If you have a sustainable brand, product, or service, your presence as a sponsor at GES sends out the right signals to your various marketing initiatives including customer touchpoints, CSR, and branding, besides demonstrates clear commitment towards a clean, green, and sustainable planet.
  • Industry/vendors/material and equipment manufacturers, integrators and investors from Solar, Photovoltaics, Wind, Thermal Energy, Hydro, Biofuels, Renewable Heating, and Clean Coal, among others
  • Green Builders and Architects from the construction industry, showcasing their projects, integrated green communities, green building materials, materials recycling, sustainable construction transport, among others
  • Green Material and Equipment Manufacturers from the areas of Eco Paints, Sound Protection Panels, Smart Buildings and Controls, Wood burning stoves, Rain Water Collectors, Energy-efficient Insulation, Solar heating, Fluid-applied Membrane Systems, Green Illumination, among others
  • Law Firms from the areas of Energy Audits & Surveys
  • Enterprise Hardware and Software Technology Vendors, Data Center Vendors, Semiconductor Companies, Virtualization, Consolidation, and Storage Vendors, Green IT Compliance Vendors and Consultants, Equipment Take-back and Disposal programs
  • Vendors from Green Fuel, Batteries, and Transportation sector including Biodiesel and Ethanol Manufacturers, Automobile Vendors, Mass Transit Equipment Manufacturers, Lightweight Material Manufacturers, Hybrids, among others
  • Financial institutions, Banks, Private Investors, Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists
  • Government and Regulatory Bodies, Non-Governmental Organizations, Environmental Organizations, Renewable Energy Associations
  • Green Lifestyle, accessories, food manufacturers and suppliers


Bharat Ratna
Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, Former President of India


Dr. Arcot Ramachandran, Former Under Secretary General, UN

Dr. Jayarao Gururaja, Former Senior Adviser, UN

Dilip Thomas, Chairman & CEO, Saltmarch Media

V Balasubramanian, Former Additional Chief Secretary, Govt. of Karnataka

A K Vora, Former MD, Tata BP Solar Limited

Indu Britto, SVP & Group Publisher, Saltmarch Media

K Subramanya, CEO, Tata BP Solar India Limited

Dr. Bhaktavatsalam, Former Chairman, IREDA, Govt. of India

Ramakrishna G, Senior Vice President, Saltmarch Media

K Jairaj, Principal Secretary - Energy, Govt. of Karnataka

M N Vidyashankar, Ex-officio Principal Secretary to Govt. of Karnataka, DPAR

Anjan Ghosh, General Manager - Sales & Marketing, Tata BP Solar

Terry Hart, CEO, Technical Director and Co-founder, IT Power India & Director, IT Power UK

Dr. Harish Hande, Managing Director, SELCO

M K Halpeth, Senior Fellow & Coordinator, TERI, Bangalore